fr0005 (fr0005) wrote,

"The Birds. Greatest Hits" (1967)

Очень люблю эту группу. Отличные мелодисты. 

1."Mr. Tambourine Man" (Bob Dylan) -- 0:00
2."I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" (Gene Clark) -- 2:32
3."The Bells of Rhymney" (Idris Davies, Pete Seeger) -- 5:07
4."Turn! Turn! Turn!" (Book of Ecclesiastes/Pete Seeger) -- 8:40
5."All I Really Want to Do" (Bob Dylan) -- 12:33
6."Chimes of Freedom" (Bob Dylan) -- 14:40
7."Eight Miles High" (G. Clark, J. McGuinn, D. Crosby) -- 18:34
8."Mr. Spaceman" (Jim McGuinn) -- 22:11
9."5D (Fifth Dimension)" (Jim McGuinn) -- 24:23
10."So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star" -- 26:58
11."My Back Pages" (Bob Dylan) -- 29:07
12."It Won't Be Wrong" (Jim McGuinn, Harvey Gerst) -- 32:18
13."Set You Free This Time" (Gene Clark) -- 34:19
14."Have You Seen Her Face" (Chris Hillman) - 37:11

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